Photo of the Day – Intricate Angel

While this arabesque figurine maybe hidden in the corner of all the glitz and glamour of this random monastic church near Goslar, Germany, it did not go unnoticed. This is how I roll. When I travel, I am WAY more interested in the fine, intricacies that the road provides, even in the large tourist traps or the random alleys. Those small minutia you discover are your secrets, of which many I have kept. The story behind this monastery is a great one that I will tell later. More intricacies and writing to come. Apologies for the bog blogs I have.


Photo of the Day – A Horse of A Different Color


Quite obviously the best place to have a few beers?

Dear readers. I have no idea the name of this town. At the time of taking this picture I had already consumed a beer, eating a meal consisting of potatoes and a large ham steak and tried to hit on a German scientologist, which undoubtably was an epic fail for the record books. It’s in Germany and yes, that is a horse on a building, one of many of it’s kind that inhabited this nameless place. Enjoy.