From Friend to Friend – Cycling Through London

Man Oh Man…

It has been FOREVER since I have done a cycle trip. It has been forever since I have felt I have had any space and time to sit down and write. Not that I have fans sitting on the edge of their chairs, digging their age lengthened nails into browning upholstery, waiting for anything new, because if I did… I would feel a mixture of sick, sad and “FUCK, I AM AWESOME AND TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT.”

I am a high school teacher now, which means a series of things, some of which I won’t reveal because your students, no matter how hard you hide your art, your writing, your anything, they will find it.

STUDENTS: If you are reading this – Mr. C has a life outside of being a teacher. In this life of his, he does things that do not fall under the realm of teacherly duties. This, in fact, makes him or her or they a much better teacher, as he/she/they can draw from their own, varied lives to infuse their lessons with guts, with soul. But context is everything… so out of context, my art, my life, could be used against me. This is really sad that teachers are held at such a higher standard than other professions that are paid oodles more than teachers. We are not paid for 24 hours of work and yet after this post, ON – MY – BREAK, I will be marking. Blarg! Long sidebar.

Anyways, I visited my friend Aslam in London over the Passover  break for a couple days. Straight from work, disassemble the bike much to the chagrin of Igor, the former high school ruffian, who became a police to continue his reign of petty bullying and then on a plain, assemble and to Aslam’s. The visit was faaar too short, but so so lovely. He and his partner are beautiful humans, funny, honest, present, lots of lovely, intimate, eye contact, conversations and a PHOTO SHOOT. Oh, and an adventure at Wetherspoons. If you don’t what it is… google it. Aslam and Katy have a lovely place, with a nice patch if tall-growing green, an urban sanctuary, for tea and reads. After our visit, I headed to the centre of London to catch a train to Manchester to visit my friend, Rae, in Manchester.