Last Supper – Originally Posted 04/15/2010

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

-Twyla Tharp

I’d add though, as a method of running away, art cannot suffice a soul in its entirety.

Today I stand upon a precipice looking over at a deep blue sea of unknown and the height alone freaks the shit out of me. Wow…that is one fuckin’ long drop, but bottoms up, here we go. Over the past few days (and nights, my body really won’t let me sleep through all this excitement) I have sat down with pictures, notes, postcards and a plethora of other self memorabilia and in silence and have been in utter awe of what a remarkably awesome life I have had so far.


A pre-bike meal at 3 AM. Mcdix and Sushi are necessary.


There are so many little details about living in Vancouver for 26 years that as science would dictate, if even a minutia of an inch or second was incorrect, would not occur. So many gorgeous souls I have had the pleasure of talking to, of loving, of drinking until our eyes are useless and we tumble into piles of laughter and of dancing when no music is playing.

That’s all the cheese I have…but you know it’s true and you know who you are and you should know how you have shaped me, for better or worse, into this gulumfing jabberwocky of a man.  Stress is picking up at a rapid pace, I have about 1 million things I need to do today that I should have done several decades ago. But days should reflect good pies, over stuffed with good flavour and by flavour I mean in this instance a multitude of various chores. Lets say I just have a lot of flavours to taste today. That sounds nice.


Just in case you couldn't tell, it's a BIG MAC.


I won’t get into the bitter details, but some cool things are going to happen on my trip and I won’t break wind until they actually happen. Break wind is not an especially good term to describe my surprises, but meh. The highlight of my day will be going into the bike shop where it takes me hours simply to place the bike on a stand to work on it. I am no mechanic and am as about dexterous a horse’s hoof, but something about going into the “shop” to work on my “bike” makes me at least have the aura of coolness.

Welp, I probs should go rather than dialoguing with myself on wordpress. Do read people, it will be my link to you, as my computer is going on the road with me. Pictures will be uploaded as well and if possible, video clips of my journeys.

The next message will be sent from Bellingham, fingers crossed.


Just had to get that out.

Payce I

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