Photo of the Day – Make Condoms Hip to the Kids

Germany. We had just left Vidin and were on the road through small towns, old churches and one billion corn fields. The corn fields would play a pivotal role in future competitive hilarity the bike group would get involved with. I am sure the pictures will surface soon enough, so I won’t ruin the surprise. And a surprise it will be, probably to the point where you will never want eat popcorn at movie theatres  or anywhere else ever again.

Condom Machine - German Style


I won’t say to much about this picture, cuz it speaks for itself. There were several other similar characters comically portraying an array of genitalia of all girths doing fun activities. It made me feel that condoms were synonymous with 5 year old birthday parties. It made me feel wrong about the whole thing. Maybe some English jokes translate into German, cuz this condom has obviously taken those flowers from someone and he’s right proud of it.



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